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W3Softech Performance Testing Services includes load testing, stress testing, volume testing and scalability testing which helps in Perfection and Keep track for different business models.

W3Softech Performance Testing Process



W3Softech Performance Testing Approach

  • Evaluate the business transactions (end-user or other activity) conducted within application
  • Write complete automation scripts for identified scenarios
  • Generate/ ramp up to target load
  • Monitor servers, applications, and database
  • Provide performance test reports describing the capabilities and limitations of the system
  • Investigate impact of user traffic on applications and systems
  • Analyze client and system performance counters and detect bottlenecks
  • Formulate and provide a detailed performance test report which includes client side metrics and server side metrics


  • To verify that performance requirements have been achieved.
  • Performance test results may also be compared with test results from prior versions of the software or other implementations to evaluate whether performance has improved or degraded as a result of revisions made.


  • Measuring the end user response time
  • Checking reliability
  • Measuring system capacity
  • Identifying bottlenecks

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